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Stress…. On an average day would you describe your life as stressful? Most of us do. Everyone feels stress – it a natural part of life and key to survival. But we feel stress in different amounts and react to it in different ways. When stress becomes excessive and unrelieved, it affects our physical, emotional and mental health. Medical research shows that an estimated 75% to 90% of illness and disease is stress-related.


Recognising how stress affects you is one of the first steps in reducing it. Do you: Wake up feeling exhausted? Have no time for activities you once enjoyed? Bark at your spouse, kids, or strangers? Suffer headaches or sleep problems? Do you habitually forget things, or wish things were different? These are among the signs that stress is threatening your health.

Chances are you’re already aware of the need to de-stress.


While most of us vow that we’ll work less, exercise more, eat better, take vacations, we simply do not make the lifestyle changes necessary. Although we cannot control all the different types of stressors that affect us, we can start to understand them and reduce their effects.

For example our thoughts contribute to stress, how we think about stressful issues when they come into our lives can really affect the amount of stress we feel. The one real positive is that we do have control over our thoughts and reactions, so we can actually reduce our levels of stress by simply thinking about them differently and more positively.


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