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Distance Healing Safe and Natural for Any Pet


Absent healing for pets… If you have a pet that is poorly, simply send a photograph by post or via email. (see contact page for details and fees)


Healing animals differs in that their energy systems are not quite the same as ours, however, the fact that they respond to healing techniques is beyond doubt. Animals respond instinctively to energies around them and lack the cynicism humans often find difficult to shed.

Healing is the same for animals as it is for humans, it’s the channeling of the universal energies by the healer for the greater good of their clients whether they be human or animal.


Although animals have seven (7) primary chakra which are fully developed, there are very few animals that have more than three (3) that are fully open, these are open at birth and remain open throughout their lives, they are the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra. Animal also have up to twenty one (21) minor chakra and six (6) Bud chakra…4 paws and the buds of skin at the opening of the ears. These are essential to the vitality of the animal.


My healing is not intended to to replace conventional medicine… rather to compliment it and help speed up your pets healing process.




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