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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to look at my site. You are very welcome to browse and hopefully you may find something that will be of interest or that could help you on your journey.


Should you choose to use my gifts and services I trust they will be beneficial to you and help you meet the challenges in your life.


I have been a healer for over 30 years, my hands off style of healing promotes the total well-being of the client. Working with the vibrations of the body, I unblock and re-balance the Aura and Chakra energy centres. This in turn, kick starts and speeds up the body’s natural healing process, repairing the damaged areas whilst also greatly enhancing the recovery rate. It’s a none intrusive; hands off style of healing that can be used to heal both physical and emotional issues.


Clients can visit me in person; (see the contact page for details) for anyone that is unable to make a personal visit why not look at my absent healing page as an alternative and just follow the instructions.


Healing: (Emotional and physical healing .. balancing the vibrations of the chakras and Aura)

Absent/Distant Healing: (Available to anyone worldwide)

Reiki Healing: (Hands on)

Pets Corner: (Absent healing for your pets)


I also use my life experience and advanced counselling diploma in conjunction with my healing.

Your well-being matters


The alignment of the major Charkas centres

Healing U, 2 Blankney Close,

Saxilby, UK, LN1 2JA

Tel : (+44) 01522 809340

E-mail: help@healingu.co.uk