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Absent healing or distant healing can be sent to any person anywhere in the world, healing has no borders or boundaries, so distance becomes irrelevant. People from all over the world benefit from my absent healing. I have clients from all regions of the UK, from India, Pakistan, Tasmania, New Zealand, USA, Germany and various countries in Africa.  


Client’s who require absent healing should send me the following details:


Postal address

Brief description of their perceived problems,

Photograph of themselves, preferably before their problem occurred.


This can be done by post or by email. (see contact page for details) 

It should be remembered a person will only receive the healing they need at a particular time, for example: if a person is going through a difficult period in their lives, it may be that emotional healing would be sent first, giving them strength and an understanding of their issues, before physical healing can take place.


One condition; If the healing is not for you personally I request you ask the person that they are willing to accept my healing.


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